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“The Trials of life can be God’s tools for engraving His image on our character.” Warren Wiersbe

In a day when we seem to find a great deal of civil unrest in our nation and a lack of trust in government and those in authority. I am drawn to a verse in the bible that reminds me that we have the power through Gods gift of free will to live and honor God through our lives no matter the times we live in. I often wonder if we are truly honoring God with what we say online or through our social media outlets. The year 2020 has brought to light the hurt that has been evident in our nation and our world for a long time. Amid the chaos that the pandemic has brought, emotions became charged due to lockdowns, loss of employment and much more. Igniting a storm of political tensions and racial tensions. The questions that I believe need answered is where do we go from here? How do we profoundly change the world we live in Honoring God in the process? I believe Paul’s letter to Timothy gives clear direction just in a few verses. During similar times Timothy is charged by Paul to lead a quiet life and a peaceful life. When confronted with feelings of anger, cynicism, fear and disgust choose to life differently allowing the Character of Christ to be engraved in our lives. Allowing the Holy Spirit to replace feelings that fuel chaos and division replacing them with feelings that Honor God and bring peace and Godliness to how we live. We bring change when we lead with a desire to Glorify Christ in and through our lives. I am always reminded that the battles and struggles we experience may be new to us but to God as Solomon stated, “there is nothing new under the sun.” Meaning that God has seen and knows all his creation has done through out time. The battles and struggles we encounter belong to the Lord. There comes a time when we must choose to trust God and not man.

Start through prayer confessing personal sin to God, accepting Christ as the son of God and accept his forgiveness. This first step allows God to begin a process of refining our ways to His Ways.

“Lead a quiet life and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.”1Timothy 2:2 KJV
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