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Hope while in a Storm

A New Hope, referencing the Star Wars classic film title. It would seem as though we live in a day when we need to reevaluate who and what we live for in addition to what we believe in. A lot has changed over the past year and a half. We as a people have been confronted with a pandemic, social unrest, political instability, family loss and so much more. In so many ways in a day when we feel as though we should be floating along the sea of life it may feel like we have taken on so much water that we are sinking. It may feel as if we have lost hope and the desire to fight anymore becoming apathetic and desensitized to the social rhetoric and life. A survival mindset kicks in, and we isolate and hunker down with an interest to care for oneself and their own keep.

In the book of Daniel, we read of a time in Israel’s history when they were subjected to years of Babylonian captivity and persecution. The Israelite people were forced to conform and adapt to the ruling society. In this time, we learn of a man named Daniel who was taken as a slave and forced to accept an identity and comply with the law of the land and abandon his personal believes and convictions. Daniel was determined not to defile himself and asked for accommodations. What seemed impossible and unattainable in an uncertain and unstable time he had faith, believe and hope in God. Yet, “God had caused the official to show favor and sympathy to Daniel.” (Daniel 1:8-9) Experiences like this allowed Daniel to have hope in a trying and difficult time. Which led him to continue to have faith, belief, and hope throughout his journey of life.

In moments like these we can reflect upon the scriptures and learn so much about life and faith. If you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed with the uncertainty, mixed messages, and confusions of the times. Take time to turn to God the author and finisher of our faith. Accept that He has a plan and that he is aware of the signs of the times. Believe that he can and will bring you through when we as Daniel place our hope in Him. Humbly seek forgiveness and confess your hearts to Him knowing that he knows you better than you may know.

Be Blessed in Christ

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