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Servant Leadership

Someone once told me that people don’t really care how much you know but rather how much you care. They then reminded me that when you get in the trenches of life with someone you build true relationship. Over my years of service in various communities as a marketplace minister I have found this to be a very true statement. Some of the most influencing people that I have met were people I took time to truly get to know and live life with.

What gets in the way of servant’s leadership is pride to put it plainly. We refuse to humble ourselves before others or God. Maybe it’s because it was what we were taught or maybe it’s due to our own in-securities, insensitivity, or harshness. The Bible gives countless examples on how pride and a lack of humility ruined people and nations.

Having a servant’s heart is the most important quality in leading and serving others. A servant’s heart keeps our pride in check in that it reminds us that “Lording it over” others is unhealthy. A servant’s heart will allow us to better take on the burdens of others though prayer and in action.

A Servant is defined in the Bible as: “One who advances others at the expense of themselves, cares less who gets the credit, refuses to complain and doesn’t need to be thanked for their service”.

Putting our pride in check take time to prayerfully serve others as you lead in your communities. Live in the trenches and develop true relationship as you lead.

Be Blessed in your Leadership today

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