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Empty Inside

What really matters in the journey of life? As we ponder the question and the flood of answers come to mind. We may fill the blank with family, friends, a social cause, or something else. Take a moment to consider what if what really mattered in this journey is our relationship with God? In the journey of life, we encounter the good and not so good, we encounter moments of exhilaration followed with moments of utter dismay and exhaustion.

In the Bible we can read about Gods Love for His Creation. Over the years I have always been amazed with the thought that the creator of the universe would desire relationship with his people. It’s almost like God in His infinite wisdom wired us for relationship. Relationship with Him and Relationship with others. Jesus statements “I stand at the door and knock” or “The good Shepherd would leave the 99 for the 1 that is lost”. I recall also how passionately Jesus spoke of His Father and the relationship that he had with him. When asked Jesus said, “when you see me you see the Father”.

What would life look like if we lived it to know God above all things? What would your life look like? How would your life change? What gets in our way on many occasions is that we want to know God on our terms and under our conditions. What if we surrendered our will as Jesus did to his Fathers and we agreed to be obedient to his plan and will. If disobedience would be replaced with obedience to God’s heart and plan how would your story change?

When our willingness to obey God becomes greater that my fear of pain, to that degree sin loses its power in our lives! 1 Peter 4:1-2

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