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As a child I always looked to my parents for wisdom, they were older and had much more life experience than I did. They guided me through many of lifes pitfalls such as the importance of applting once self to studies, being aware of who you surround yourself with, and the model the set for me when they went through the good and bad times of life. As I grew older and more self reliant I would turn to my elders on occassion but most of the time I found the answers I needed for life by just researching and studying. I have come to realize that I am not that different than many in my generation and the generations that follow me. In the information age we have become more self reliant, knowledge is just a click away. With one click of a button we can find a sunami of information, in the format of text, pictures, or videos.

The is a distriction that needs to be made clear though and that distiction is the difference between wisdom and knowledge. I believe at times we confuse the two to me the same thing. Knowledge defined is based more upon experience and understanding, for example the study of the sciences, arts, or the perfomance of a task or techniqiue. Wisdom

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