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"Which life are you living"

Here at LHCB we are committed to helping people Discover, Develop and Demonstrate a Christ centered life. As I have been processing and examining my life in prayer and my time of study I came across some simple points that the Lord has used to help me in this time of examination. I would like to pass them on to you over the next few weeks. I hope they bless you as much as they have challenged and blessed me.

Which life are you living? 1. The Hurried Life – “You always fall behind, sacrificing time with family and friends to overcome the feelings of guilt you experience when you’re not working. You get headaches, backaches, and stomachaches, and you find it difficult to relax.”

“The hurried life style can be fatal; the Japanese call it Karoshi:death from overwork. A hurried lifestyle eventually leads to neglect and oversight of people and ministry details. If your in constant overdrive, it can be fatal to your ministry” (Children’s Ministry that works, Craig Jutila, Saddleback)and I would add your family.

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