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“When Oceans Rise”

What do we do when the tide of our emotions rise, when we are being drowned in our fear, worry, assumption, powerlessness, doubt, resentment, guilt and the list may go on. When the oceans rise where does our faith stand and who do we turn to. Society would direct us to seek counsel and even medication to help overcome these pressures. Although this council would have it place and can be very useful and effective we tend to neglect the person of the Holy Spirit. The Great Counselor is available and He is a present help when the tides begin to rise. He is on call 24/7, He never sleeps nor rests and he is present in our loneliness and darkness, He knows our innermost struggles and He desires to pull you out of the flood waters. Seek His counsel right now and find Him, incorporate Him in your network of support and allow change to take place.

“Be Strengthened today and overcome.” Watch: Ocean

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