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Unexpected Acceptance

It is hard to believe that we are officially in 2018, it appears the Christmas Holiday came and went so quickly. Everyone seemed to be in a rush buying gifts, going to family gatherings and just being busy. As I reflect upon the last few weeks I appreciate a few moments when we slowed down during the Holiday but I must say it wasn’t easy. We as many others got caught up in the hustle and bustle. In addition to the busyness there were several real-life challenges that touched several family and friends. There were a few hospitalizations, diagnoses and even the passing of loved ones. In times like these one can reflect upon their faith to find peace and direction. I remembered, a woman who was not accepted in society due to her sinful life. She heard of a man named Jesus was having a meal at the home of a religious leader. She bought an expensive jar of perfume and went to the home of the religious leader. She sat at Jesus feet and the scriptures say that she kissed his feet. With her tears, she washed his feet and with her hair she dried his feet. She finished by putting perfume on his feet. She wasn’t content just knowing who Jesus was or even where he would be. She needed to meet him, going beyond public opinion and the potential ridicule. When she met Jesus, her act of humility and love brought forth the forgiveness of her sins. God’s unexpected acceptance transformed her life from that moment onward. As we look at this new year my prayer is that me move beyond our current state, that we slow down, and that we investigate what it means to know God. When was the last time we asked God into our daily life or when was the last time we sacrificed our own position and sacrificially give to God? Take time today to spend time with God and experience his love and acceptance.

(To learn more about this woman in today’s writing read Luke chapter 7.)

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