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Living day to day for many can become monotonous as we go through life, taking on a mind set that we are just hanging in there making the best of our existence on this earth. Its a trap that the best of people fall into with the pitfall being complacency in life, negativity, and a poor self concept. Have you ever been afraid to ask a question due to intimidation or a flood of anxious thoughts. It affects everyone at some level in life, I reflect upon a little boy that I met yesterday that had to make the decision to choose between one of four toys. Since I was new to him he stood next to his mother with a shy face and a level of uncertainty, as he wondered what to do. As we live our lives today lets not just hang in there but lets take the initiative by putting God first for the day, prioritizing what really matters in life is a good start. Ask for Gods perspective , wait and listen and take action making the effort to live life differently today because you have chosen to prioritize what matters. Examples may be found in relationships, personal disciplines, seeking restoration and the like but move past mere existence and live your life with certainty. The little boy took all four toys and returned about an hour later after he took time with him mother and played a bit. He made his choice and when I saw him again he interacted with me in confidence as he made his decision. Taking time for change and seeking wisdom can be the step you need to revolutionize your day and perspective in life.

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