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“Unaffordable Choices”

It is very true that we learn our greatest life lessons from our mistakes. Yes it is true, time has proven that the choices we make where we epically fail has the potential of teaching us powerful lessons. There is something powerful about loving accountability however, when we see a young child putting themselves in an unaffordable dangerous situation most parents or even onlookers would be moved to action so that harm would not fall on the child. The same can be said as Christians who in loving accountability encourage and challenge other believers to live a life that honors God. A callousness coats the hearts of many Christians today, where we choose not to get involved in the lives of others due to selfishness, fear, or laziness. Yet, getting involved in the life of another and helping them avoid unaffordable mistakes can help them avoid decisions that can affect their place in eternity yes their salvation as a whole. Take time today and with a biblical worldview in other words with the bible as your foundation of truth encourage another to avoid the pitfalls in life that can bring harm. In the process always remember to keep your heart humble before God yourself so that you don’t make the mistakes that you are trying to help another avoid.

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