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The Power of God to Change My LIFE!

There are times in my life and in the lives of those I come to know through out the years when the statement “I can’t help it” or “that’s just the way I am” have been used. I am amazed that I recall even when I was a kid being asked by my parents why I did something, and puzzled I would shrug my shoulders and say “I can’t help myself”. I see that in my kids as they grow up there are certain habits and ruts they get into that become almost obsessive. In Galatians 5:16-26, we read Paul’s writing inspired of God to the people in Galatia. He implores these Christ Followers to live by the Spirit and not to live by the sin nature. He further says that the “sin nature desires what is contrary to the Spirit”. In other word there is a struggle and battle with in us to do what is pleasing to God and what is pleasing to us. When Jesus paid the price for us on the cross and then rose with resurrection power it released the power of God to all Christ followers that change, deliverance and breakthrough was available to all who accept Gods plan of salvation. I no longer have to be stuck in the mud of depression, envy, selfishness, drunkenness etc., but I can change through the power of God. I close with this thought I was reading a book that used this illustration and it made me think. Growing up I had a cool toy called an etch a sketch (forgive the spelling) this toy when I was a kid was the best. I didn’t know how exactly it worked but I would spend hours drawing pictures. As an adult it is hard to believe but my kids now have one and they love to lay in bed or walk around the house and play with it. The neat thing about this toy is that you can draw cool pictures and if you make a mistake you can shake it and the mistake is wiped away forever. The same is true for the Christ follower, all of those choices and regretful things we have done we no longer have to live with and carry with us. When we give our lives to God, God can change our lifes and give us a clean slate. This may seem simple but it is life changing and profound. My prayer is that I can model this life of faith to my kids and it will help them understand how God can change their lives as well.


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