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"The Journey in Review"

2Corinthians 5:7

A year ago my family and I started a new season in our Journey. I remember contemplating the future with excitement and uncertainty. Gods’ intervention, our faith, family, and friends were our supports. I can reflect back and with certainty say that this past year taught me and my family allot. We learned a great deal about faith, family, and ministry.

Our faith needs to be strengthened daily through relationship in Christ. Know matter what title you may have or esteemed position it means very little with out Christ. This past year every victory, strengthened faith, every circumstance stretched faith and every moment of disillusionment we found the comfort of faith. Having faith helped us to live this new season with confidence, comfort and peace.

Our family has grown closer than ever as our children adjusted to a new church home, and a new paradigm. We prioritized our love for God and each other and it made life good. Experiencing family meals, activities, and new adventures really reinforced Gods passion for family and our love for each other.

In Ministry, we have had so many opportunities to spend time with people we had the privileged of knowing over the last 12 years in Hagerstown. Whether it was encountering people at Wal-Mart, the mall or work the joy of chatting with people was a blessing. These experiences also reminded me that the Kingdom of God is so much bigger than we think at times. Our definition and perspective of ministry can be very narrow. This is a lesson that has been made clearer to me than ever since I have I have been involved in marketplace ministry for all my years of service as a pastor. I thank the Lord for the New Hope church family in Shepherdstown WV for taking our family in and loving our family unconditionally over this past year. This small church taught me a lot about what ministry is truly all about. I am excited for their future as they merge with Crossroads Church.

I am not certain what this New Year will bring but what I know for sure is that no matter what may come our way our faith and hope are in Christ. We will follow His lead and in His perfect timing the right doors will open. I walked the Appalachian Trail yesterday with some of my friends. We made our way through the steep inclines, the ice and cold, until we reached our goal. It wasn’t easy, we wanted to give up at times but the end result was worth it. The view was unforgettable, the time spent together was priceless and the journey was worth it.


Pastor Dave

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