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The Journey Devotional – “Truth, Lost in Translation”

“”What is truth?” Pilate asked. Then Pilate went out again to the Jews. He said, “I find no basis for any charge against him.”

-John 18:38 NIRV

Following the news in today’s society can be quite exhausting. Every day all day long there are many forms of news being broadcast. There are even televisions channels completely dedicated to it, and hundreds of people per network are researching and working together to get the information out to the world. Then there is the printed newspaper and the countless news websites. There is so much information out there for us to soak in on a daily basis. Unfortunately most sources are only promoting their opinion, and the truth is many times lost in the effort for someone to get the story out. I am often left thinking “What is the truth?” While searching for the truth I find many individuals who believe the media and accept everything they present as factual.  You cannot argue with them that there is an agenda and they are only going to promote the stories that go along with their views. Many individuals waste hours every day debating what the truth is and which media source you should believe.  All of this adds to the stress that many of us feel in just finding out what is going on in society.  Again I am left thinking “What is the truth?”  

 Because of this stress a large number of people within our society have gotten so fed up with the lack of truth and the continuous bickering that we have become cynical, sarcastic, and critical. Everything is viewed with a level of disbelief and doubt.

Pilate, a Roman Governor familiar with politics, was going through his day listening to the stories of the accused. He then comes across this Jewish Rabbi, beaten and abused, crucified by the court of public opinion. Pilate begins to questions Jesus. I have heard some critics say that Pilate was cold and direct and that he just wanted to pass judgment. My perspective is that even though he probably was not moved to compassion for this man, he was curious as to who he was and why the Jewish people were bringing Jesus before him. Jesus answered Pilate’s questions, but one particular point stood out to Pilate when Jesus said “I came into the world, to testify to the truth.”(John 18:37 NIV); Pilate replies “What is truth?” In all his years on earth Pilate finally came face to face with a Jewish Rabbi that would speak only truth to him.  God’s words are the only truth that we can rely on in this world.  We don’t have to question if what He says is true or not, you can depend on His word coming to pass.

It is so easy for us to become cynical, sarcastic, and critical.  We can doubt that there could ever be such a thing as truth when we are surrounded by so many different voices that influence our opinion and lives. In your journey today ask yourself are my opinions’ based on truth, the truth of God’s Word, the truth of how God views me, and have I sought truth today.  Depend only on His truth and rest assured that you can believe everything that He tells you.     

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