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The Journey Devotional "Move"

It was a peaceful night everyone was sleeping, when all of the sudden something wakes me up. It was the sound of my son calling “daddy”. I listened intently thinking to myself was I myself dreaming or was it one of my boys. A few moments pass and then I hear it again “daddy”. Without hesitation I launch out of bed to see what the matter was.  I reflected for a bit after tending to my son’s need and I noticed that my heart rate was up, and I know I startled my wife in the process, but I knew that I needed to move and find out what was going on.

I am reminded of young Samuel when he was at the home of Levi. God was not too happy with Levi and his children. God promised that He would rise up a new servant and priest. The Lord calls out to Samuel three times and Samuel was moved to action every time. He heard his name called and went to Levi thinking that Levi was calling him. To Samuel’s amazement man had not called him, but God was trying to get Samuel’s attention.

I am learning more and more through my Journey of life that we are so quick to rely on our own ability and strength. We will impulsively run after so many different things assuming that we are depending on God. Are we seeking and listening to for His voice, or are we searching after the carnal. God is speaking to us the whole time. As you walk out your day today take time to listen to God’s voice. He may transform and redirect your passions and purposes. No matter what He asks move and be obedient. 

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