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"Strength for Today"

“May those who have respect for you be filled with joy when they see me. I have put my hope in your word.” Psalm 119:74

I had the privilege of being with my family during the last moments prior to my sisters passing. She has left this earth and is with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. She weathered many storms during her journey on this earth but she learned to trust God to bring her through.

I reflect tonight upon the power of Gods word and His promises. I am always amazed in how Gods Word can bring peace and strength in the most difficult of situations. For those who have a vibrant relationship with the Lord it resounds strength and encouragement and for those who are distant in their knowledge and relationship it is a constant reminder of Gods love for them. Throughout my journey in life, no matter the season or situation Gods Word has brought correction, confidence, and comfort.

I thank the Lord for His Word. It is my prayer that you would put your trust and hope in the Lord today. He loves you and He will meet you where you are. Find a peace that you have never known before, and take courage in the words of Jesus “In this word you will have trouble, but take heart, be encouraged, for I have overcome this world.”

Be Blessed Today

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