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This past weekend I and the family went camping, all 6 of us staying in a rustic cabin out in the middle of no where. We went for a few hikes, and observed wild life that you normally don’t see everyday. We roasted marshmallows and played board games. It was a wonderful time to just be together as a family. The kids were overtired and excited so if you are a parent you know what that mix creates, but it was great. It was a little break in the midst of our everyday hectic schedules. Families need to do this more often, during this get away I spent most of the evening in prayer for my family, and the ministries the Lord has entrusted us with. Our society dictates to us that we need to go, go, go, and the more you and your kids are involved in or experience the better. I would say the opposite I believe that we are in a day when we must slow down and cherish and prioritize family life. The family is in crisis and God is challenging us to prioritize the family unit. Parents its ok to say no and model a balanced life to our kids. It is ok to spend time together and not always have something “to do”. In a day when the divorce, suicide, drug addiction, teen pregnancy and anxiety is plaguing the family and there seems to be a pill to fix almost everything. We must turn to God and allow Him to transform us and our families. During my little get away as I was hiking with my family with my littlest on my back in her backpack focused on keeping my eyes on the ground until I got to this one point where I looked up and saw the majesty of God in his creation. It took my breath away, and I stood in awe of God. I told my children to look and not miss this scene. As you go through out the business of your week don’t miss all that God is doing in your world and your family. Cherish it!

Read Psalm 55 for this days devotion.

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