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"Stand Still"

I have the most adorable 4 year old in the world , OK well maybe I am a little biased, but he is awesome. One day before church I was getting the kids ready, and in the hustle of the morning I was reminded by my lovely wife to brush Josh’s hair. He’s got the coolest hairstyle, it is a fohawk! As I was gelling and brushing his hair he started to wine and squirm a bit. I caught my self trying to focus saying stand still! He kept squirming and the more he did it the more frustrated I got. He then started saying “my legs hurt” followed by “my arms are tired”. I bent down and looked in his Hazel eyes with a Stern face and started to laugh. On his face was the cutest grin I had ever seen. Instantly my frustration disappeared and I realized he was playing with me.

As Parents we tend to forget, in the hustle and bustle of life how to have fun. We get so uptight that we scold, our kids for the darnedest things. Kids will misbehave and they will push our buttons, and in those times we do need to teach them boundaries. We also though need to lighten up a bit and enjoy life with the precious gifts the Lord has give us.

In church world we at times can live life much like a pharisee, we pray, read the word, have a good wealth of knowledge of the word, and even have excellent attendance every time the church door is open. Yet the one thing we lack is fruit, not natural or biological fruit but rather the fruit of the Spirit. We lack the fruit as noted in Galatians 5:12, the character of Christ, and the fruit of the vine as noted in John 15, the fruit of souls coming to know the Redeemer our Lord Jesus Christ. Souls defined in this case as relational connectivity, people connected to you because they see the Lord in you thus they desire a relationship with the Lord as well.

Life is precious, and it is a gift that God has given us, lets learn to lighten up, circumstances will come and go. Josh, though joking didn’t want to stand still, we do the same thing with our relationship with the Lord. We are running around like Martha, while Mary was enjoying the relationship with Lord. Enjoy Life, follow Christ’s example he loved the Father and spent time with him, he was a teacher or teachers, and he spent time with people of all walks of life and as we all know he was fruitful.

nuf said, Pastor Dave

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