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"Stand in the Gap"

Dear Friends,

We have all been touched by the tragedy in Newtown Connecticut. Many questions arise during times such as these and many times the answers do not suffice. In this time I would like to encourage any readers of my Blog to pray. Set aside time to think about those hurting tonight and pray for peace and strength. I am passing along some additional prayer points that I received via email  today from George O Wood, General Council Superintendent of the Assemblies of God.  

  1. Pray for God’s sustaining grace and comfort upon families who have lost children and adults in this shooting.

  2. Pray for the injured that they will recover.

  3. Pray for the community of Newtown that has been traumatized by this occurrence.

  4. Pray that the church will be able to respond with help and comfort in the hours and days ahead.

  5. Pray for the emotional and mental well-being of children who attend Sandy Hook Elementary as they deal with this tragedy. Pray that wise and sensitive counsel will quickly be available.

  6. Pray for the well-being also of teachers, administrators, and staff.

  7. Pray that families, friends, and the entire community will look to God for His strength, peace, and comfort.


Pastor Dave

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