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Simple Faith, Simple Trust

After Sundays Service one of the church family members came up and shared a story that she had heard thirty years prior. She shared with me how this story that had been shared by Corrie Ten Boom had really ministered to her throughout the years. It blessed me as I reflected upon my life and Gods timing and faith.

“As a small child, Corrie loved her papa. He was so kind and loving, and more jovial than the other members of the family. One day as Corrie sat on her papa’s lap, she asked him, “Papa, what will I do someday, if a horrible trial comes to me? How will I handle it? I am afraid that something bad is going to happen to me, Papa.”

Her papa said something like this: “Corrie, supposing I planned a train trip for you.”

“Oh, papa! A train trip! How lovely!”

“Yes, but it is not time for the train trip yet. You will have to wait a few years, so I will not give you the ticket right now. You might lose it. When the time comes for your trip, darling, then I will give you the ticket. Until then, live for God and don’t worry over things you can’t control.”

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