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"Salt Water"

If you ever go to the beach and attempt to swim, you’ll most likely swallow some of the water. While at the beach with my family, on many occasions I’ve heard the kids coughing as they gulped the water. I’ve also been pummeled by a wave that made me ingest some sea water. All I can say is yuck! I learned about a different kind of water while at the beach this year, called ‘brackish’ water. It is a mixture of salt water and fresh water. From my perspective it is just as nasty, but it does dull the saltiness a bit. Not that we went out sampling it, but when you taste it you can see the effects of the dilution, even on the wild life found living in the water.

In Matthew 5:13 we read Jesus saying, “You are the salt of the earth;” In Christ, I am the Salt of the earth! Now ask yourself, in your Christian walk are you salty like ocean water, or more like the brackish water? We don’t want to encounter people and beat them down with religion so they walk away coughing and gagging, but we want them to encounter who Christ really is through us! Our first step is understanding who we are in Christ, and our relationship with God as His children. We can find these revelations in God’s Word, and through the direction of the Holy Spirit. Secondly, we must be willing to share what we have discovered with others who are far from God. When we are no longer motivated to share the Gospel we tend to become someone’s friend and just pray that they will ‘get’ it. We rely on another evangelist, but are we ourselves being the “Salt of the Earth?”

It’s easy to become brackish, a bit salty but still watered down. I have been that way in my life at times, and then I am reminded of the church of Laodecia found in Revelations 3. My heart is becoming more passionate to see souls saved, and to be the “Salt of the Earth.”

If you are a professing Christian or Christ Follower, I encourage you to acknowledge who you are as the “Salt of the Earth” to a dying world, with Christ’s Love and His message of Salvation.

Thrive 2009

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