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Random Acts of Kindness #1

We have the opportunity to show Gods love everyday through random acts of kindness. Daily representing Jesus to people everyday in simple practical ways. You may not know where that other person may be or even if they are having a good or bad day but you can still introduce them to Jesus just by being kind or by being an encourager. Today you will hear from one of my kids and an experience he had while working.

“So at work today a mother and her son came in and they were both getting food but the mother did not have enough to pay for both her and her son so her son said he would pay for his. When the son got his sub he handed me his card and I swiped it and he had no money so he was upset so his mother paid the amount. Even though the son told her not to because she couldn’t eat if she payed for his and she said that she would rather see him be able to eat. So I just sat there and took it all in not knowing what to say or do until she got back in line and tried to order a sub with the leftover money she had. When I heard the type of sub I punched it in the register and saw the amount and I knew she didn’t have enough. So when she got to me to pay for it I handed her the sub and said I would pay for it. She told me no and that it was alright and I looked at her and said that I would do it. When I said this she broke out in tears and thanked me more times than I can count and she walked and told her son. He came to me and said praise God and thank you for your help and kindness. When they left I thought to myself of how the Lord has just used a small act of kindness to allow the mother to be happy and I felt good on knowing that the Lord had told me what I needed to do and how with His help I was able to give a mother joy on knowing that she could eat and that the Lord was thoughtful in that He allowed me to give to her”

Show someone the Love of God today as you go through your day…

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