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I have had glasses since I was a kid. I remember every time I got a new pair my mom would warn me not to break them. I remember on one occasion playing soccer with the neighbors.My new plastic rimmed glasses, that were being held on my head with an ugly elastic band flew off my head as my friend and I chased after the ball. When the glasses hit the ground the leg had just snapped off. O the fear that struck me as I whimpered home. Well that joyous story ties into a funny one that happened today. My 12 year old is always getting his glasses mangled especially by his siblings. Well while playing football today they got “MANGLED”. In fear my 12 year old sent the 5 year old to tell me. When I saw the frames I looked at a friend that was in the office and said o well these things have taken a beating and I sat then on my desk. A few minutes later my 3 year old, comes in and says “Brother glasses broken” She twists the leg and miraculously she fixed it. Yes, my 3 year old fixed my 12 year old’s glasses. She chuckled after she did it and in amazement I said sweetie go give them back to brother.

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