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"Night lights"

I am the light of the world. Matt. 5:14, “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.”

When I was a child I always needed to have a night light on at bedtime. That little bit of light would bring peace to my heart. It amazes me that a small light bulb can shine bright enough to lighten up a room. My fear of the dark faded away as the light shined brightly. My children are similar to me; each one has to have a night light in their rooms. It’s interesting to note that their lights are more efficient with even smaller bulbs.

As I reflect upon Matthew 5:15 I read that Jesus says “You are the light of the World”. As I think about that and then relate it to what I wrote before I realize that we are in a way night lights for the world. We have the message that can bring hope, peace, joy, and freedom. Every day we encounter people who are crying to have the light turned on. The evil and uncertainty of this world has overwhelmed them, but instead of sharing this life changing message we try to hide it. Maybe we don’t intentionally hide it, but we allow fear and doubt to drown out God’s love. If I am the light of the world I need to share the message in speech and action, driven by love and not judgment. I also realize that my kids are the light. They may be small, but I believe they are more efficient at reaching people without fear or prejudice. Children have an ability to just accept others.

My prayer is this, that we all fulfill our purpose in life and share the message that can restore, renew and refresh our relationship with God. Remember, someone introduced Jesus to us. They were that light and look what God has done through their obedience. Now it is time to do the same. Remember, “A City on a Hill cannot be hidden.”

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