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"New Beginnings"

“Get up and walk from one end of the land to the other, for I will give it to you.” So Abram moved his tent and went to live beside the oaks of Mamre at Hebron, s where he built an altar to the Lord.” ( Holman Christian Standard Version. Gen. 13:17-18)

The journey of life can seem to be a complex journey. As I reflect upon the number of people that I gotten to know throughout the years I can recall those who shared some of their life’s stories with me. They would share about the early years, the good decisions, and those that were not so good. But in all the experiences they learned lessons. I think of my own family; the junctions in life when critical decisions had to be made. I remember when my father had to decide should I buy this home, should I relocate. I remember my brother who had to decide whether he kept his job or go into business for himself. These were all critical junctions that influenced not only them and their immediate family; but others that were a part of a network of relationships. I think of my niece, an amazing young lady, who is at the junction of life when a college must be chosen. I can recall the expression on her face of enthusiasm. Yet behind the enthusiasm you could see an overwhelming fear. A fear that says I hope I am making the right decision. I can relate to many of these junction points in life, the junction points in this journey are all similar but they are all unique to the person. Every decision will bring growth, whether we like it or not there will be a rippling effect to our decisions. It is up to us how we approach and handle the decisions. As I reflect upon the Word of God, a book that has brought direction to my life ever since I accepted the message of the cross back when I was 14 years old, a simple message that has transformed my life throughout the years. The decision to come to know Christ started a journey of growth in which I am continually learning. When I made the decision it didn’t remove hardship, circumstances or temptation, it didn’t make everything great, and fix everything in life. It did bring the revelation that I could know God, and that he wants to know me. Knowing his desire to be involved in my life has given me a new perspective, a perspective that with God I know I will make it. A perspective that appreciates life, its treasures, it wonders, it experiences. In Genesis 13:17-18, we find Abram and his family leaving Egypt. They are experiencing life’s journey together, Abram committed to follow God, experiencing times of prosperity and times of hardship but in both he worshiped God and led his family in doing so. Within this passage we find Abram and his nephew Lot coming to a junction point in life. The families had become large and there wasn’t enough fertile land to support them without contention. Abram led of the Lord allows Lot to choose the land he would like to have for he and his family. He looked out and saw the fertile land that seems the most beneficial. I would presume there might have been family members and even friends that gave council to the choosing of the land. As we all know in life’s journey there are always those that want to give their advice. Lot makes his choice and moves to his land. Abram trusting God looks at a land that didn’t look good, didn’t seem as prosperous, didn’t make him jump for joy. He looked at a land that looked bleak but he had a promise that God and only God would take care of him. The lessons in faith and trust started when he left the comfort of his father’s home, he learned in Egypt, as he passed through each junction his faith grew. As with Lot there are probably those who saw Lot leave to his new land and said “Abram are you sure about this”, “I recommend “etc. Abram had to trust in Gods promise and he had to get up and move when God said move. The saying rings true “if the grass looks greener on the other side it’s usually because the cesspool is on the other side”. I love this saying, because every time I think I have it so bad the Lord reminds me not to allow your circumstances to dictate you decisions. In this journey and at every junction allow God to bring clarity to the promises he has for you. Hold on to the promises that God has made in his Word. Tune out the noise and opinion and listen to his voice, allow Him to take you and show you a new land. When you hear from Him you will move, because there will be an impression to obey, an enthusiasm to venture out, and a power to take cities. Abram only had a promise he couldn’t get the big picture, yet each day he walked in obedience God added confirmation to the promise. Like an artist He added another color, another layer, until the portrait was perfect. Accept the message of the Cross, accept God’s plan of salvation and find clarity for life’s journey.

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