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Navigating Change 2015

As we look at a new year as a family we a confronted with the need to navigating change. A number of years ago I sat through a training where the presenter stated that change is inevitable and in the age of digital media and the internet new information is always available. He pointed out that we must discipline ourselves on just a few things and that if we are not careful we will become overwhelmed with information and we will go no where and become ineffective in our service.

I recall taking a white water rafting trip with a leadership team that I was a part of once. During the trip we were coached on how to maneuver the raft. We all had to perform different tasks so that we could navigate the class 5 rapids. If we didn’t perform our tasks appropriately we would lead our raft astray and into dangerous waters.

Families today are confronted with the challenges of navigating change everyday. We have to evaluate what information is healthy for us and what needs to be avoided at all cost. We need to apply healthy navigating tools and skills to succeed and set our families on a healthy productive coarse. Navigating change is not easy and but we must as the presented in the training I went through stated we must discipline ourselves in a few things.

I often wondered when Jesus cleaned the temple and he challenged and confronted the people with the statement my fathers house will be a house of prayer and you have made it a den of robbers. How did the people get that far off coarse, what decisions were made, what things seemed innocent and acceptable at first but became impure and not acceptable before God as time paced. God had to intervene that day and he needed to remind the people that they had strayed off coarse and needed to change their ways and repent and turn back to God.

As we look at navigating the new year lets take the time to evaluate our current coarse and direction. As families are we navigating the seasons of life in a God centered and honoring way or have we accepted practices and belief systems into our lives that truly are unhealthy and misleading. Take the time to pick up  and clean house and change the direction you are going in today. God is faithful to give the direction that is needed. We live in a day when we need to navigate change with great caution and wisdom and honor God as individuals and families.

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