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"My Brothers Keeper"

“Then the Lord said to Cain, Where is your brother Abel?” “I don’t know, “Am I my brothers keeper?” (Genesis 4:9)

As I read this text something jumped out to me, the statement “Am I my brothers keeper?” I can sense the anger, and attitude in this statement as he responded to the Lord. My amazement that someone would talk to the Lord in that manner, made me think. What brings a person to such a place of unhappiness? Cain had allowed frustration, bitterness, anger, and rage to consume him to the point that it became a master over his life. Even to the point when God holds him accountable his response is anger laced.

Having children I see tensions and sibling rivalry on a consistent basis. I catch my self continually correcting my children and coaching them on how they need to treat one another. Using the Word through stories or the direct teaching of Jesus on how they need to treat one another and how they can guard there heart. As a parent it is a life long lesson and journey of teaching so that when the day comes when they need to be there for a brother they will be there for them.

My closing comment would be this, the enemy desires is to steal, kill, and destroy us! If we don’t guard our heart through prayer, and examination we too can very easily go down the path Cain went down. Maybe not to the point of physically killing someone, but maybe doing it through our words. “Are you you brothers keeper?” Don’t let your heart be hardened, and be fruitful, enjoy the LIFE God has given you. PD

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