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“Moving Forward”

As I reflect upon I would have to say this year has been a year of refining and preparation. This past year brought times of great joy, times of peace, times of confusion and times of great sadness. Overall it was a well rounded year and I thank the Lord for it. Throughout this year I would have to say the Lord has taught me and the family a lot about ourselves and his grace. The author of Ecclesiastes was right when they penned there is a time for all seasons.

Since my transition from our previous ministry position to my current employment and ministry opportunity I would catch myself dwelling alot on the past. Thinking about the times when we experienced great victories in the Lord. Times when God came through in a  big way. When promises and visions were fulfilled and HE was glorified. These times are treasures and times of growth and learning. They are not to be abandoned and forgotten but they are to be reflected upon for continual growth in faith. What happens at times if that we begin to live in that time and it begins to define our understanding on God and faith.

Looking forward into 2014 I have to say that my desire is to experience all the Lord has for me and my family. We let go of the past treasuring the memories and lessons and looks forward to all the Lord has for us in the future. The future of knowing Christ and being a part of His kingdom and purposes. Christ the hope of the world. Listening to Gods leading as individuals and as a family to what we can do as a family to expand His kingdom.

My prayer for our family and for you is that we would all experience the rich blessing of the Lord in this New Year. That you would focus your visions, plans, and goals and align them with God. Seeking His perfect plan and purpose. May this year bring growth in relationship with God, understanding of His Word, and a renewed empowering in the Holy Spirit.


Pastor Dave.

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