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"Love, even when its hard"

Parenting is one of the greatest adventures in life. Throughout the years I recall conversations that I have had with parents who truly wanted the very best for their children. They wanted their children to succeed and do well in life. In the midst of all their labor and hard work as parents their laboring and hard work never went unnoticed or unappreciated. Though the child would reject the parents help and negative consequences would follow, the parents love for that child never changed.

We can catch a glimpse of how God feels at times when he views his creation, the people that he created in his own image. He only wants the very best for us. We don’t see the tears he sheds for us and the love that goes unnoticed, as we focus so much on ourselves.

As a Pastor, I have learned to understand this not only with my own children, but also with the people the Lord has given me to lead and shepherd. I remember the hospital/home visits, living life experiences out together and supporting each other. As the passing of a breeze, people move on as if there had never been a relationship. I use to struggle with this a great deal, but as noted above, the Lord allows us to see a glimpse of what he sees on a regular basis.

Jesus loves those he has entrusted us with, as well as those who deny him. I remember reading the passage when Jesus was entering Jerusalem he wept for a people. Then when he was placed on a cross, he prayed a prayer of forgiveness for the people. What compassion and mercy he had and still has.

In conclusion, pray this prayer. Lord, help me to reflect your compassion and mercy, help me not to grow weary, calloused, or bitter, but help me to love unconditionally. Thank you for loving me and your creation. Thank you for all you do. Forgive us for not noticing all you do. Amen!

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