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Listen Up

“Are your ears awake? Listen. Listen to the Wind Words, the Spirit blowing through the churches.” (Revelation 2:29, the Message)

Have you ever been so focused on a task that you tune everything out around you? I have caught myself at times doing so with my son, and even my wife. They can be talking to me and I totally miss what they are trying to communicate. It is really a bad habit and quite disrespectful. I could say that it is always unintentional but honestly that would not be very truthful. I could accept that behavior and justifiably say that’s just the way I am, but I learn from scripture that God knows my innermost self. That He sees the good and the hidden. In His love and compassion He wants me to change. The things that seem hopeless and unchangeable he desires to redefine. I as a parent see these things within my own children and I try by God’s help to set reasonable boundaries for a healthy life. If there is an unhealthy habit developing I encourage through conversation and discipline to make changes. To say it always works would be unrealistic but it doesn’t change the fact that I love my kids and want the very best for them. I have read throughout the Word that God in His infinite wisdom as my Abba Father, desires the very best for us. He sees and puts up with a great deal and all He desires from us is acknowledgement and obedience. A focused devotion, just like my son, wife, friends and others that I may tune out in the business of the moment He desires my attention. When I give it I can hear, see, and grow as a person, in my relationships, and as His unique creation.

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