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LIFE Lesson # 4 – "Change, We Can Believe In"

When President Obama was running for election the vision statement used for his campaign was “Change, We Can Believe In”, Today’s life lesson is not about the President, but about another ruler that led Jerusalem for 29 years. He was the son of Ahaz, a ruler that was desperate to find solution to the chaos he brought upon himself. Hezekiah became king at the age of 25, from the onset of his rule he began to bring change. He started in the temple, where he led its restoration and its cleansing. He also led the priests in challengeing them to commit their lives anew to the service of God. Similarly to the temple cleansing there needed to be a consecration of the priests. This was due to God’s judgement falling upon Jerusalem and Judah due to a number of detestable practices the people did under the rule of Ahaz. Hezekiah led during a very trying and strenuous season, he was the opposite of his father. Unlike his father who sought clarity and focus and never found it. Hezekiah took note of the days he lived in and took action. He chose to listen, and lean upon the Lord, and thus he found clarity and focus for life. Now his rule did not go with out accusers, lies, and difficulty. As he became dependent on the Lord he opposed those forces and overcame them. It all began with self examination, self realization, and self purification. Now I use the term self very intentionally due to the fact that it takes a conscious surrendering of our will to God. It is acknowledging our sin, failures and our desires to change. We can all talk about changing, but it has to be more than just words it must be lived out or better yet put into action. As we put in the effort to align ourselves with Lord we will begin to see change.

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