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LIFE Lesson #3 "Defiance"

(2 Chronicles 28) This week we are looking at the Life of Ahaz the son of David. Ahaz ruled the Kingdom of Judah and unlike his predecessor who had learned from the past and desired obey the Lords decrees Ahaz did every thing he could to rebel against God. The people were corrupt and he led the pack. He continued the practice of idol worship and the sacrifice,of one of his own kids. He was even instrumental in a battle or civil war between Judah and Israel. In the midst of the chaos of his rule he even turned to the god’s of other nations. He tried it all, but nothing could fix his circumstance. Ahaz was desperate, yes desperate he tried everything to bring change unfortunately his defiance out weighed his desperation for change.

Can you relate? Well maybe we can not relate to the civil war, and pagan god worship, but we can relate to the fact that our defiance toward God at times out weighs our desperation and desire for Him and change. God was the solution for Ahaz, yet he was unwilling to surrender, submit, and serve him. We have the same prideful tendencies, we want to please people more than God at times, we will dedicate more time to entertainment that the our relationship with God, we to will turn to everything else rather than God to fix our circumstances. We allow offence, anger bitterness, etc. to consume our lives rather than releasing it to God or confronting a person.

Ahaz needed a Savior and so do we, my thought and prayer is that we would no longer allow our defiance towards obeying God, to rob us of our desperation to change and be more like God.

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