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LIFE Lesson #2 "Perspective, What re you focused on?""

“He walked steadfastly before the LORD his God.” (2 Chronicles 27:6)

Today we will look at the the successor or King Uzziah his son Jotham that at the age of 25 became king and ruled for 16 years. Imagine being the successor of a King that had done such great things serving the Lord, but became prideful and had fallen. He lived with the consequences of his choices until the day he died. Imagine your predecessor being your father? Jotham saw the good and the bad. He saw things that maybe the average person would have never known about his father. It left a mark on Jotham just like things that are modeled to us through life do.

During Jotham ‘ s rule he did many great things and was very fruitful in serving the Lord. He built towns, forts and towers. He went to battle and was victorious, all being a result of his pursuit of God. Scripture notes that Jotham “did not enter the temple of the Lord”. He learned from what his father went through maybe though his fathers council or by just being a part of his fathers last days.

Jotham inherited a kingdom with a corrupt people, yes I said corrupt. They lived for themselves and were rebellious toward the Lord God. This added to Jotham’ s pressure and challenge to stay focused. He wasn’t alone, although there were those whom God raised up to be a support and strengthen. For example the Prophet Isaiah who stood boldly and challenged the people with God’s revelatory word. There is something empowering and encouraging when your fighting through and God raises up someone or a group to go with you. It excels ones will to fight through and keep on going. It helps overcome fear, peer pressure, pride, and all the other tactics that may cause bondage to ones life.

In conclusion, we all make some level of effort to live a focused life for God , desiring to become a Christ follower that is a reflection of Christ to others. My challenge is that we would all pursue to grow more in Christ, that we would move beyond mediocrity and the status-quo. Jotham learned both the good and bad from his mentor, yet he chose to pursue the good, and resist the pitfalls he saw his predecessors go through. He also led a corrupt people for a season and he persevered and God gave him the strength to overcome and made him prosper.

My prayer is that we would all “walk steadfast before the Lord” and prosper.

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