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"Lets Talk"

Husbands, have you ever been asked by your wife to give your opinion on an outfit and just as you are about to speak she reacts with a sigh of frustration? Wives, have you ever tried to voice your opinion on a topic and see that your husband has checked out of the conversation? Communication takes a lot of work, and many times we think we all have it mastered. My question is, do we? We can all think of examples of when we have had conflict with our spouses. We know how to read body language, we hear the coarse comments, and we feel the disregard to our feelings and disrespect that follows. We may bottle our feelings up inside, and make excuses for the others behaviors, but eventually the division that has entered our relationship becomes evident. As you go through your day today take inventory of how you communicate with your spouse. Are you making course comments? Do you feel like you have to walk on egg shells? Are you happy with just maintain the relationship and not dealing with the issues that have risen up? Before you know it unresolved issues can grow out of control, and the “D” word enters your vocabulary. Here are a few steps that may help resolve this conflict. First, make time today to talk to your spouse and have a candid conversation on the state of your relationship. Second, give each other the right to share their true feelings without the fear of offense. If one of you begins to feel offended take some time apart and evaluate why you are feeling that way. Finally, take a few moments to make up. A warm embrace can heal a multitude of hurt feelings. While you are hugging tell each other how blessed you are to have them in your life and focus on the good in them. Remember, you did not get into this situation overnight, and it may take time to walk through the healing process. Invest in your relationship just like you would invest in your work or your future. Make this practice a part of your daily walk with each other. “Invest good and healthy communication practices into you relationships, and take your relationship to a whole new level.”

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