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“I Believe”

In this passage we find John speaking to believers encouraging them to resist false teaching. Those whose motive would be to influence their beliefs with “new revelation.” They are charged to hold onto the gospel message the message they first believed. The message that brought them into relationship with the eternal and one and only God. They are also reminded that all mighty God would remain in them.

Do you remember when you first came to know the Lord? What you were doing? or do you remember how He changed your life’s circumstances? Take some time now and reflect upon where your relationship is with the Lord now. I find these times to be healthy times of reflection. During these times we may wonder how we ended up where we are or why did I accept the teaching that we did and how did it affect our relationship with God.

As you venture out in today’s travels take time to evaluate your beliefs and relationship with God. Allow the Holy Spirit as you pray and meditate to show you truth. Allow Him to bring things to your memory. Hold onto the simple gospel message, hold onto your relationship with God and be a student of God’s Word. Filter not with a critical heart and mind but in wisdom new philosophies and teachings. So that you will not be deceived and your relationship with God will continue to grow.

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