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"Hard Restart"

Hobbies are great to have: they ease stress, allow creativity to flow and they can even draw families closer together. Computers are a hobby for me; I enjoy tinkering with ones that others would consider worthless and restoring them back to working condition. Sometimes, when working with a computer, it can jam up for a multitude of reasons. One solution to this problem would be to restart the machine, but a normal restart may not always fix the issue. There are occasions when everything on the computer needs to be reset back to its original factory setting. I call this a “Hard Restart” (this may not be the most technical, but it works for me). In the process you may loose some or all of your information which may cost you, but in the end the result will be a fully-functional computer that has been cleaned up. You have to give up something for change to occur.

Are we willing to pay such a price for things to be set right in our own lives? If we are honest with ourselves we could all find a measure of fault within; things we desire to change because we know we are being weighed down by them. It would be awesome if we could just push a button to do a “Hard Restart” in our lives; making the choice to change everything, to get rid of the junk and start anew. Everyone can make choices: we can cut out activities, clear out our calendars, live within our means, prioritize family, change jobs, etc. It may cost us, but to live life and truly enjoy it would be worth it.

This is what God desires for us. If we accept his invitation, He can do a “Hard Restart” in our lives, cleaning up all the “stuff” that has accumulated throughout the years. In the process, he desires that we not take life for granted, but enjoy the life he has given us. Living life everyday with God and sharing our stories with others. The question for all of us is this, “Are we willing to let go and pay the price?”

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

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