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God, but why!

The Story of Jonah is a well told story of Gods mercy on a people who were hard hearted and rebellious toward him. We learn this as we follow the live of Jonah a prophet who decided not to obey the Lord because he did not agree with the Lord that the people should be forgiven. Jonah tried to run from God had a plan and a lesson for Jonah to learn and a people to reach. After Jonah finally spoke to the people the people sought forgiveness, which should have brought joy to Jonah. Unfortunately, the opposite happen he still did not agree with God. In His Compassion God created a plant to shelter Jonah and then the plant died due to worm eating its roots. The end result was Jonah being bitter and angry at the plants death.

We read stories like that of Jonah and many times we critique and compare our selves to the spokesman of God, building ourselves up thinking why would he be so cruel and head hearted toward a people that were lost.

Unfortunately, we like Jonah can be just as oppositional toward God. We receive his provision, support, strength, kindness, compassion, mercy and much more and many times never acknowledge Him. We complain about the things that we didn’t even work for but were blessed with. We like Jonah can become calloused toward the people we are called to reach as well. You see Jonah was no better than the Ninevites at that point, he had disobeyed, run, and hardened his heart toward God. We do the same thing and this is why we find Gods mercy compassion and salvation reaching out to us.

Thought for the day; evaluate your perspective with regards to your relationship with God, your obedience, your heart for the unlovely of this world. Talk to God about it and ask Him to help you change from the inside out. God loves you and He wants to bring change to your world.

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