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A few weeks ago I watched the NFL Playoff games where I watch my NY JETS loose to the Colts and the Vikings loose the Saints. It was a sad day in my household but life goes on. I want to highlight the Viking/Saints game for a second though. During the game the Vikings had a few interceptions and for a few moments it seemed as if 10fumbles. OK, maybe that is a little exaggerated but I did catch myself saying “just hold on to the ball”. A really neat life lesson that stood out to me was when Bret Farve who played an awesome game and was “pummelled” by the saints defense, was going to hand the ball off for a run and he and the running back weren’t on the same page causing a fumble. As the ball bounced all over the place all you could see was players jumping all over the place trying to get the ball. One of the last player to almost grab it was a torn up Farve. The Saints did recover the ball and the game went on. It amazes me how a team when working together to achieve a goal will fight in unison and give all they have to reach there goal. The fumble was one of many things that effected the Viking loss, but as I quote Pastor Curt “no one stopped and blamed the other”. Farve didn’t give up, the linemen didn’t yell at the QB or the running back they continued to fight and play the game. We to must learn this life lesson that we all run the marathon of life together. As Christ Followers we are a part of a team, The Family of God, the Church, The Kingdom of God on Earth. We all have times where things may go wrong and we may not all see eye to eye. That does negate that we are on the same team though. So the question to ponder is are we in unison, fighting the fight, living life as a family, passionately pursuing Christ or are we playing doing our own thing pitted up against other followers of Christ? John 17:20 is one of many key verses we can apply to our lives. Jesus prayer for us, check it out, Jesus wanted us to play as a team through thick and thin.

Blessings, PD

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