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"Fight, Fight, Fight!"

Do you remember the first time you ever got into a fight? Or maybe you didn’t actually fight but you had to face someone down? Perhaps it was at the playground, on the bus ride home, or maybe it was after school in the parking lot. Wherever it may have been, I am pretty sure the adrenaline was pumping, and you were scared, anxious, and not sure what was going to happen. My son told me a story on his way home from school a few weeks ago where he had a similar experience. My son, the gentle giant, was confronted by a peer. The other boy called him a name, and to make a long story short it ended up with both boys staring each other down and the other student saying go ahead touch me and see what happens. My son touched him and the child walked away.

There are seasons in the life of a Christ follower where we need to stand up for ourselves. Jesus was gentle at times in scripture but he was also a bold warrior. As we read the bible we learn that he was threatened, insulted, and mocked but he never cowered from his cause. He pursued his Father’s will by faith and obedience and championed his circumstances. He confronted the people he came in contact with and left them thinking and talking. He taught them, whether they received it or not.

We are all confronted daily with life’s pressures, circumstances etc. We know that the Devil is against God’s creation and he detests anything that is aligned with God. His goal is to destroy the life and family of the Christ Follower. The bible tells us that his purpose and desire is to “steal, kill and destroy”.

When confronted with the devil, and we are staring down temptation, do we cower back and run away or do we stand in the authority we have in Christ? You see, it is more than reading your bible and praying everyday; it is internalizing the Word, renewing your mind with it and allowing it through the Holy Spirit’s Empowerment to renew you mind. With God on our side the enemy must cower because he is defeated! In conclusion, on the way home my son was excited that when he was confronted he stood up for himself and he felt unstoppable. If we understood our place as children of God, imagine how we would feel and live life like. Align yourself with the cause of Christ, and be a champion in life. If we live defeated lives so will our families. Live victoriously!

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