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This is a topic that  I dont hear much about now a days. We focus so much on the here and now that we give little time to think about the future and what is to come. I remember when I first came in relationship with God. I accepted him as my Savior and slowly but surely He started to change my heart and life. He changed my life for the better and the journey of knowing God has been amazing. I remember my early years in church when eternity was preached and taught  and it was even discussed in main stream society. We all looked towards the future and where we would spend eternity. We store up treasures in Heaven and resisted storing treasures in the here and now. This teaching is one that has been neglected but is so important. Some of my favorite faith building moments have been when I am experiencing either great or difficult times  and remembering that one day my Lord will return and I can have the assurance that I can spend eternity with Him.

The Christmas story is more than a story that should be spoken of a few weeks out of the year.. The Christmas story is a story that  we can enjoy now and for all eternity.  In the book of Isaiah we learn from a prophetic message that spoke of the coming Messiah and Savior . Isaiah who had prophesied to 4 different kings and was a faithfil servant of God in the midst of political unrest and injustice speaks of the coming King. All govermants will be at His disposal, He is enthroned and named the Wonderful Couselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, and Prince of Peace. All dominion will be His, and there will be no end to His reign. It is eternal. Isaiah was looking past the temporal and immediate and looked toward the coming reign of God. For all eternity Isaiah has the priviledge of experiencing the reign of God.

We can also move past the immideiate and temporal and look towards the future. Eternity with the Eternal God, Wonderful Counselor and Prince of Peace. The ability to experince relationship with God now and for Eternity. To have the assurance that we know God and that there is a place for us. I hear people say that we need to live for the now and live life enjoying evey moment. I agree with these statements but I want to add one thing and that is live with the assurance of your place in Eternity. Christmas is not just about gifts that can be exchanged amogst one another. It is really about the greatest gift of all. A Child is born, a Son is given and a King is crowned for eternity. Accept the gift today and live life with Eternity in mind.

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