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It seems as though the bugs are going around everyone is thinking about it on some level. In this thought for the day I will not be really talking about infirmity, vaccines, nor healing. What I do want to pass along is a question, how contagious are you? Do people catch what you have? If they are hopeless, sad, desperate or in some other need do they find the hope, joy, and peace that can be found in Christ through you? A few weeks ago we did a simple project where as a church we spruced up a local elementary school. We went out for a few hours moved mulch, planted a few flowers and moved some dirt. Since that day reports have come in that parents, teachers, and additional faculty members have truly been touched in some way. One faculty member has even asked if they could get involved and add a few more plants. It’s amazing how one act of kindness can do so much. Some may think, well how does this draw people to a saving knowledge in Christ? well my thought is this if we don’t go out how will they ever know? “Go ye therefore into all the world and tell…..” in every way and everyday. Let God the Creator of all things work out the details.

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