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Genesis 6:22 – “Noah did all the Lord commanded him to.”

“Commitment is a tricky issue in human relationships. Especially if you have been burned in the past. It’s tough to commit yourself to someone who may ultimately reject you. But that is not the issue with God. He won’t loss interest in you. He won’t panic or reject you on days when your commitment level perhaps isn’t what it should be.” (Strive Men’s Bible Commentary) What reassurance we can have that God is for us, and though there may be times when all we see are those who are against us, let us put our faith and trust in God and commit ourselves to his plans. Noah started building in obedience to the Lord but shortly after building he was confronted with resistance. He persevered by committing himself to the Lord and not Man!

Commit yourself to the Lord today and be at peace knowing that he is ultimately always for you, “his plans are to prosper you and not harm you.”



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