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Choices that Renew Life: "I am a child of God"

I am a Child of God – John 1:12, “Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God-“

I was watching a video today of one of my children when they were four years old. It is hard to believe they used to be so small, time goes by so fast. I think I am beginning to understand what my mom meant when she would say cherish the time. As I was watching the video I remember when my son first started to walk, then dance, and then play with toys, oh the memories. I remember when he took his first steps. His little hands were in mine, he unsteadily would rise to his feet and lunge forward taking his first step and then the next. He would look up at me with a toothless drool filled smile with such excitement. With the same excitement and joy I would looked back and cheered him on.

My son had me as his cheerleader, and he was able to rely upon my support. He put his trust in me that I would not let him fall or get hurt. He had to trust my prodding to stand up and walk. As he began to follow my couching he began to learn and grow. We have been given the right to become children of God. I find in my life that I have to remind myself over and over of this truth. My first impulse many times is to focus on my feelings, circumstances and emotions. In God’s master plan, Jesus’ sacrifice, I find restoration of relationship. I now can know God. He has known me but for me to truly know him is the revelation. Knowing that “I am a child of God” changes my perspective. Every time I speak it over my life it renews my way of thinking. It also reminds me that he is for me and not against me, that he has my best interest at heart. He wants me to succeed in life. As I trust his leading and stand on his promises I will make it step by step.

In this world, we will stumble and fall, and question and not understand why some things may happen. Knowing that God is involved and that he cares helps us overcome life’s struggles. As we reach out, and take one step at a time his Holy Spirit will cheer us on. As you go thru this day no matter what comes your way remember, “You are a child of God”

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