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This weekend I had a conversation with a inquisitive 8 year old. As we were driving I asked the child “how his first week of school?” With some hesitation he said “school went well this week but he didn’t care for the rules the teacher had in class.” To continue our conversation I asked “well what kind of rules do you have in class?” As we continued talking he realized that the rules he had in class were no different that the rules my kids had in their classes. When he realized that the rules he was subject to were rules that others had to follow he gained a new perspective on what he was subjected to. I found this conversation interesting because in a classroom setting structure is essential to healthy learning. Teachers care for children and want them to learn so they set up boundaries so that their children can excel. There are times they are criticized by their students and even parents because of their discipline or boundaries that set in class. I find it interesting how similar we as adults can be with the boundaries the Lord may give us in the Word. He loves us so much that he set a structure for us to excel in. Unfortunately many times we complain, ignore, or try to redefine the rules of being a Christ follower. My thought for today is that as Teachers, Parents or mentors lets live our lives in obedience to the Word of God and model a healthy perspective to the generations to come. Remember the boundaries that are set in the Word are there so that we may we excel in relationship with God and in life.

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