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"Becareful Little Eyes What You See"

Summer is here and along with, vacation, the pool, the beach, and camps, come movies, on those hot days when you just want to get out of the sun and cool off. This summer a boat load of movies have come out some geared for children while others marketed for children but carrying a great deal of mature content. As Parents how do we filter what are children are exposed to? Is the rating system our litmus test, or do we just say well the other kids have seen it or done it so it can’t be to bad. There seems to be extremes either we shelter our kids from seeing anything or we let them see anything they want. Solomon wrote in Proverbs 4:23 “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” As parents we can learn allot from this passage, the first thing we can realize is that one of the things that affects the heart is what we see and hear. the second point is that the Word says we need to “guard it”, “protect it” ,”keep it from harm”. As a parent myself, I have learned that the Lord desires balance for our lives and that each of us have to filter the things we see and hear as adults and as we discipline ourselves in these areas the Holy Spirit will give us wisdom in how we teach our children. Practically, prayer and aligning my life to the Word is primary, secondarily making the time to spend with our children watching the things they watch, licensing to the things they listen to is key. Asking question when course language is used or others things that may come up. Thirdly, don’t be overbearing, try to remember what is was to be a child and laugh, have fun, and develop a healthy relationship with you children. I have seen good fruit come out of these steps for my family and others I have spoken to I hope they help you out as well.

Pastor Dave

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