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“As you lead, I follow”

(Matthew 4:19)

Have you ever wondered what would cause some people to leave the safety and security of a career, family, and what they have always known to venture out in to the unknown? I think of early pioneers and visionaries of great movements who left it all and sacrificed more than we will ever know. As I read about these people stories I find myself amazed that many of the stories were of people that were much like me. They were ordinary people who did extraordinary things as they found a cause were moved by a need, and embarked to help bring change.

When I reflect upon my life and the time we moved out in faith there were some key principles that we had to hold on to. We first of all spent time in prayer, talking to God about it all, the known and the unknown. Secondly, we began to look into the endeavor, researching exactly what we felt the Lord was asking us to do. Thirdly, we sought the right timing it is important to move forward and be proactive. Preparing oneself and ones family for the next step is healthy. Lastly, we stepped out into truly the unknown knowing that if God had asked something of us he will bring us through. Circumstances may be overwhelming at time but we know that we can pray, process, be proactive and we will persevere.

As you embark upon your day today where do you find yourself? Are you convinced that there is something that you need to do, a cause you must get behind, a dream that can change your word. Where ever you may find yourself today prepare for the journey and venture out. Life is precious and to short and you may be at a place where you can bring change to the world as you know it. With God all things are possible.

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