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"A New Day"

The Close of 2009 was eventful for our family. There seemed to be so much going on within the family and throughout our social networks. I have to say, that though it was trying, the Lord as always showed himself to be faithful as I pursued Him, I persevered. As 2010 gets started I know that God is going to do a new work both in my life, family, and friends. I have faith and hope that this will be a defining year for us. I have in the past struggled with discipline, I have caught myself at times comparing myself to others that seem to be “discipline” to the extreme. In my 15 years (which I am still a babe in) of serving the Lord I have learned so much, but the one thing I am continually reminded of is God’s love for me. He is compassionate, caring, patient, kind, and faithful to bring correction. I am so excited to see God Transform lives, locally and abroad, to be an integral part of his kingdom for this hour and day. I am determined and resolute that pursuing God is paramount in this season of building. I see already in my life how God has begun to do some remodeling and it is awesome. I trust that you will join with me in pursuing God in this season of building and that you also will encounter God and be transformed and empowered to touch the world by fulfilling Gods purpose for your life.

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