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A Life Style of Worship

“Worship Him continually”  “Praise Him from Sunrise to Sunset”

(Psalm 105:4 and Psalm 113:3)

Spring time is one of my favorite times of the year. I take such pleasure in the newness of life. What was once barren due to the winter now begins to grow and bloom. The weather warms up and the birds begin to sing out. Over the past week I have spent a good amount of time outdoors as we house train our new dog. As I stand outside I can hear all the birds singing as they begin to work through their day. The suns warmth begins to be felt and the beauty of morning is experienced.

It is moments like these I thinks of what worship should really be. Worship is more than music and the many styles we choose to like or dislike. Worship is more than what we do when we go to our church. Worship is truly what we do every day of our lives. When we go to work or spend time with our families and friends. When we spend time alone or as a group reading the Bible and talking to God this is all worship. We should meditate and participate in worship every day. No matter what our emotions or circumstances may say. Let everything you do be an act of worship to God even the menial tasks, honor and glorify your Creator in it.

I found myself helping an individual this past week get some food. I took this individual to visit my old house of service and worship. While there I spoke to a few dear friends, one specifically asked “how are you doing?” I responded “getting by” to her reply “I guess that’s all we can really do now days”. I was challenged in my conversation with my dear friend. As I reflect upon this new season I want to be a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ that truly lives a lifestyle of worship. I am not content to just by. May my actions and words bring glory and honor to God. I am not content to just get by any longer. I want to join in with all creation every day and live a life of worship to my God. Would you join me today and begin to honor and worship God in everything you do.

Pastor Dave

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