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A Fathers Wisdom

Our children have a way of leaving us speechless at times.  As we invest in their lives they can cause us to laugh, cry, and throw our hands up if frustration. With all the wondrous emotions that parenthood can produce in us through out all the stages of development the one thing to consider if the importance of relationship. Investing in my skills as a parent now is an intentional act of investment.  With the goal being that one day we can have a healthy relationship with our children later in their lives.

Take time to value the time that you spend with one another as families, I have worked with many families over the years that have shared with me on occasion how much they wished they could spend time with a certain loved one again to glean wisdom or just spend time with. I recall contacting my parents now in their later years of life and asked for parenting wisdom. With some laughter and sincerity knowledge was passed down. The skills were helpful reminders but more importantly they were there to listen and invest in the relationship. Those times are priceless so take time to cherish the relationships that you have. Take some time to make a call, send an email or text a word of encouragement to someone you know. More importantly make time to intentionally invest in your children those the Lord entrusted to you today in a practical and tangible way. It’s a worthwhile investment.

Fathers, don’t make your children angry. Instead, instruct them and teach them the ways of the Lord as you raise them. (Ephesians 6:4)

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