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“A Faithful Man”

It’s the Christmas season again and my family and I have started to watch many of the holiday classics. One of our favorites is The Nativity. Since its release we made it a tradition to sit down and watch it every year on Christmas day. This year my lovely wife and I decided to watch it a bit earlier.  While watching the movie, Kim pointed out how interesting it was that we rarely say much about Joseph.  Joseph played an integral part in the Christmas story; he had a surrendered will and obedient heart when it came to the Lord’s direction.  Joseph listened to the Spirit’s leading and learned to tune out all the influential voices that would tell him to turn away from Mary and have her stoned. Joseph had to believe what the Holy Spirit told him and trust that God would take care of every situation that Mary and him would encounter.

We all can learn a great deal from the life of Joseph. God desires to give direction to our lives every day. His plans and purposes are great even though they may seem insignificant in our eyes. As you enjoy the season, surrender your heart and plans to the Lord. Listen to His leading and be obedient to His desires. His blessings will be rich.


Pastor Dave

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